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Oral Health Resources for Medical Professionals

Oral Health Lectures

Available Lectures

Click on the following blue links to download the PowerPoint modules. After clicking a dialogue box will open giving you the choice to "open," "save," or "cancel." Choose the "save" option and save the file to your computer. Then open the file from your computer by double clicking on it. All PowerPoint files are encrypted to prevent alteration of content. After double clicking on the file icon a dialogue box will open. The upper portion of the box asks for a password which you should ignore. The lower portion of the box offers three choices: "OK," "cancel," and "read only." Select "read only." The file will now open and can be viewed or saved. If you have any difficulty with this process please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Douglass on the "Contact Information" webpage.

All videos that are provided in the presentations below are also accessible by going to the "Video Clips" section of this website.

  1. Infant Oral Health Lecture
    This lecture covers identification, etiology, risk factors and prevention of early chilhood caries along with video clips on screening for early childhood caries.

    PowerPoint Presentation with voiceover
    PowerPoint Presentation without voiceover

  2. Infant Oral Health Lecture and Fluoride Varnish Lecture
    This lecture contains the content of the infant oral health lecture with additional focus on the mechanism of action and the use of fluoride varnish in the medical setting.

    PowerPoint Presentation

  3. The Dental Home - A General Dentist Approach for 1- and 2-yr-olds

    PowerPoint Presentation

  4. Links to other educational oral health presentations for medical professionals:
    1. Smiles for Life
      Smiles for Life is a comprehensive oral health curriculum for physicians developed by the STFM Group on Oral Health. It comprises six PowerPoint modules covering: The relationship of oral and systemic health; Child oral health; Adult oral health; Module; Dental emergencies; Oral Health and the Pregnant Patient; and Fluoride Varnish. Each module is designed to be presented in 50 minutes and includes annotated speaker notes.
    2. Oral Health Risk Assessment: Training for Pediatricians and Child Health Professionals
      The purpose of this training is to provide a concise overview of how to perform an oral examination and conduct an oral health risk assessment and triage for infants and young children. CME credit is available.

*Note: The different versions of the lecture may require a specific plug-in for viewing. Please visit the Plug-Ins section of the Software Download page on this site for information on downloading and installing these plug-ins if needed.