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Oral Health Resources for Medical Professionals

Interactive Case Browser

Case Browser
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The Interactive Case Browser will allow you to view a series of infant oral-health care related cases through a self-guided interface.

To access the Case Browser, click HERE.

Note: In order to view the Case Browser directly through your Web Browser, you will need a recent version of the Flash 6 Player from Macromedia. Please check your version below:

If you wish to operate the browser as a standalone application, you may download the Windows or Macintosh version of this software. Note: these formats are provided in compressed format (.zip for PC; .hqx for Mac).

Highlights of each Case

Brandon 6 Months Old: -teething and eruption
  -caries etiology and risk assessment
  -brushing advice (Video demonstration)
  -diet advice

Brandon 12 Months Old: -early dental caries
  -secondary prevention in the medical office

Brandon 32 Months Old: -oral health issues during sick visits
  -barriers to dental care

Brandon 37 Months Old: -dental treatment under general anesthesia

Ashley 36 Months Old: -fluoride prescribing and its variations